What’s next for former LCS Players on Team Coast and XDG?

What’s next for former LCS Players on Team Coast and XDG?

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What’s next for former LCS Players on Team Coast and XDG?

The North American League Championship Series Relegation matches have concluded and the results are in!

xdgg 0 – 3 LMQ_NA_1-9-14_1

eglogo 3 – 1Cloud9_Logo_White

TeamCoast-(FullColor)1 – 3 coLBlack

With 2 new LCS teams the competition is sure to increase with LMQ’s agressive play style and complexity’s passion to win it all.

So what does this mean for our former NA LCS Pros? Well Gaming Gearz got to catch up with some of these players and try to figure out what their next move is going to be.


The Organization has a high chance of departing after Team Coast’s defeat.


Josh “NintendudeX” Atkins

Has plan to remake his old team Team No Clue, due to receiving a set amount of re tweets from twitter. He can now officially leave Team Coast.

DAYDREAMIN.CST_lolesports.PP_ WIZFUJIIN.CST_lolesports.PP_

Miles “Daydreamin” Hoard & Apollo “WizFujiiN” Price

Have suggested that their careers might be coming to an end. If they can’t rebuild Team Coast, they will both probably return back to their school careers.


Darshan “ZionSpartan” Upadhyaya

This is definitely not the end of ZionSpartan era. With Team Coast’s defeat, Zion is now opened to possible position openings from other teams. The biggest talk is about CLG’S top laner situation. Is Zion the answer to Counter Logic Gaming’s problem? Or possibly Evil Genius’s Problem!

clgg = ZIONSPARTAN.CST_lolesports.PP_

eglogo== ZIONSPARTAN.CST_lolesports.PP_



Danny “Shiphtur” Le

Shiphtur is probably the former LCS Pro with a lot on his plate. After being named onto the 2nd all american team for North America it has increased his popularity, and possibly is future as a pro player. Counter Logic Gaming has mentioned that if they can find a suitable mid player that can fill link’s hype, they will consider moving Link to top lane and picking up a mid player. Is Shiphtur that hype player to take CLG to worlds? Or Dignitas’s chance to go to worlds!

clgg===== SHIPHTUR.CST_lolesports.PP_

dig_logo_1 ======SHIPHTUR.CST_lolesports.PP_


The team will talk weather or not to continue as one, chances are they will go there different ways.


Jamie “Sheep” Gallagher

Sheep’s time as a Pro Player has come to a halt after XDG’S gruesome lost to LMQ. Chances of XD.GG staying together is not high, however if they do Sheep will continue to support along side Zuna or a new marksmen. Chances of Sheep getting picked up as a substitute support player for an LCS team is pretty high due to his skill level in the LP Ladders.


Chris “Zuna” Buechter & Ken”Kenma” Buechter

The Buechter family will most likely depart from the XD.GG organization as the coach Kenma has failed to teach the former NA Pro players how to adapt to season 4 and resulted them being kicked out of the LCS. Zuna and Kenma will probably continue their internet fame with their YouTube series “FAT2FIT”.


Jake “Xmithie” Puchero

Xmithie known for his outstanding performance in season 3 was referred to as the jungle master alongside Meteos from Cloud 9. Going into season 4 Xmithie was forced into the marksmen position which damaged his jungle mechanics greatly which he couldn’t recover so well going into the 2nd half of the spring split. Chances of Xmithie being picked up as a starting jungler are not so high, however, chance he could be picked up as a sub for Dignitas or CLG.


Benny “Benny” Hung

Benny is probably the friendliest person I ever met. He hasn’t got offers to join any teams, chances that he will continue his gaming career are high. He has mention that he will like to get a job involving e-sports.


Zachary “mancloud” Hoschar

Mancloud’s future might not look so good to the public, but after being kicked out of the LCS actually brings new hope to him. Could we possible see Mancloud returning to the LCS Summer Split? Dignitas might answer that question!

dig_logo_1 —— MANCLOUD.XDG_lolesports.PP__0

This includes our predictions of what might happen to all these former pro players.

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