The Final 14 are now announced for the Season 3 World Championship!

The Final 14 are now announced for the Season 3 World Championship!

6 Comments 📁 esports 🕔08.September 2013
The Final 14 are now announced for the Season 3 World Championship!

As I am writing this article, there is less than 168 hours until the battle of a lifetime. Teams from China, Korea, America, Europe, Lithuania, Taiwan, and the Philippines, the final 14 teams from around the world will now meet up in Los Angeles to determine, WHO IS THE BEST AT LEAGUE OF LEGENDS! and their partner leagues have been tirelessly working from August 17,2013 to September 8th, 2013 to determine the top teams from each region to represent their country at the season 3 world championship.


It all started in Southeast Asia where the first team has successfully qualified for the season 3 world championship.

mineski logo03 (2)

Next, we headed to Gamescom in Europe to determine the international wildcard team. The international wildcard tournament was for the teams that don’t have a premier league i.e(Garena, LCS, OGN). The second team qualified with a demanding 2-0 victory.


We’ll still stay at Gamescom for the continuation of the event to discover that 3 European teams have qualified for the season 3 championship. Due to the European all star team placing last at the all star event, Europe will not receive a bye in the season 3 world championship.


We head over to Taiwan to find yet again another team to represent the country Taiwan.


Now it’s time to head over to America to see which teams qualified to represent North America at the season 3 world championship.

Cloud9_Logo-onBlack_0Vulcun Logov220121015104433!TSM_Logo

We head back overseas to pay a visit to what is known as the ” Power house” country Korea, to seek 3 more teams to participate in the season 3 world championship. Korea had received an extra qualifying spot due to winning the all star event.


The final 2 teams have been chosen to represent china in the Season 3 World Championship.

OMG_logo_0royal(1)_0 (1)

One of the teams mentioned above, will become the season 3 world champion for League of Legends and received a cash prize of 1 million dollars! The first place team from each region except Europe have been given a group stage bye, while the other 10 teams have to face off in the group stage round.

Group A


Group B

mvpozoneVulcun Logov2gambitfnaticlogomineski logo03 (2)

I really can’t wait for these matches,but here are some predictions I’m making for the outcome of the group stage round.

Group A Prediction

1st. skt

2nd. OMG_logo_0




Group B Prediction




4th.mineski logo03 (2)

5th.Vulcun Logov2

The first match begins on Sunday September 15th, 2013 @ 12pm PST

GamingGear. VS 20121015104433!TSM_Logo

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  1. 🕔 16:56, 08.September 2013


    Think predictions are correct except vulcan will be ahead of Mineski.

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  2. 🕔 21:59, 08.September 2013


    I am anticipating Cloud 9 to win it for NA this year! They’ve got the best chance! I can’t wait!

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  3. 🕔 3:55, 09.September 2013


    I think OMG wins this, and gambit will be the deception of this year

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  4. 🕔 5:04, 09.September 2013


    group b predictions are hilarious, vulcun is in a pretty good place to beat fnatic and gambit as those 2 struggled summersplit pretty much

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  5. 🕔 5:53, 09.September 2013


    Those predictions are quite off from what I see Vulcun in 5th under fnatic and gambit…

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