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Sades SA-708

Sades SA-708

5 Comments 📁 Gaming Headsets 🕔10.September 2013
Sades SA-708

Hey readers Michael Cohen is back to give you the latest news on the headset products by SADES. In this article, we will be talking about the SA-708 made by SADES. Now I have in the past reviewed products by SADES, and have yet to be disappointed with the outcomes of any of their headsets so far. So let’s get started with the review on the SA-708.

The box is black and red and medium sized, as well as being well branded with the SADES logo of the wolf. Has a small preview window on the right side of the box to showcase the design of the headset. The front of the box also describes what specialties the SA-708 offers which are music, game, stereo compatible, movie, noise cancelling, soft ear pads, and a 2.2m cable. Now on the back of the box features the specifications of the headset such as 40mm drivers, 20-20khz frequency, and a 3.5mm plug.


Now that you have a good feeling about the outside, lets look in the inside. So the first thing I notice about this headset I’m reviewing is that it’s blue. Now they do a variety of different models of this headset. Another cool feature I notice is that when you take out the headset from the box it comes with a cardboard stand. Now the stand itself isn’t that sturdy, but it does its purpose of just holding the headset in place for display.

SA-708 1

Now the SA-708 features padding on the ear pads as well as the head padding which is very comfortable. The padding reminds me of a leather sofa. They also installed a nice blue layer of padding instead the ear cups to follow the blue color design. The microphone is built inside the ear cup to help prevent damage to the microphone in case of an accidental drop. However, the microphone is not flexable so you cannot bring it closer to your mouth if needed to communicate quieter. The SA-708 features a volume control wheel and a mute voice switch on the mini control panel provided on the USB cable.


Overall the SA-708 by SADES is nice quality headset.

Also if you are interested in purchasing this headset I did a little research and found out they are going for around $10-$20 so that’s an amazing price for this quality of a headset.


Great packaging

Well branded

very comfortable cushions

variety of color designs

Great game sound quality

Great for movies

Noise cancellation

Worth it for the price!!!!


Stereo plugs

Music quality is not that great

no instant mute sound button

No bendable microphone

Where to buy:

Other Models:

SA-708 SA-708(new version)

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  1. 🕔 21:52, 10.September 2013


    I personally like the SA-902 more. But this headset seems fit for gaming AND enjoying music. Looks great! I like the different varieties of designs they have for it. Nice post.

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  2. 🕔 9:06, 22.February 2014


    looks great!

    i hope it sound as good as it look

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  3. 🕔 23:46, 27.May 2014


    I need help, I recently bought this headset but didn’t realize that my computer had 1 audio jack. The mic does not configure to my laptop. When I bought a splitter and plugged that in the mic once again did not register. Can anyone help with this?

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  4. 🕔 1:04, 27.December 2014


    where can I buy an adapter for ps3 bought headset for grandson will not fit he game system ?

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