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2015 League of Legends Group Stage Drawing prediction results! (0)

With the announcement of the format for the upcoming 2015 League of Legends world championships, we decided it would be fun to do some testing of our own. This post

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The Final 16 Teams Have Sorted Into Groups! (0)

      Group A        _______________________________________ Group B       __________________________________   Group C       _____________________________   Group D       ___________________________________________

GAMMITUS By Sentey “Elite gamer Series” (0)


Tian Ci vs H&K! ” LMQ situation in a few words.” (0)

So basically this article will give you a clear picture of what's going on at the moment with the LMQ situation if you can't keep up with everything.   What we know   July

The Last Of Us ” One Night Live” Special! (0)

    Wow what a great event. Actors from the movie dropping everything to do this. Acting out scenes from the movies.   I like to give a great shoutout to the people behind

North American LCS Playoff Situations! (0)

  Greetings summoners, this article will explain all the possible scenarios that can happen and the rewards. This is for NA LCS!       LMQ Current Rank: 1st Place Highest Rank: 1st Place Lowest Rank: 5th Place To

UtechSmart Venus MMO Gaming Mouse. (0)

MOBA games have been evolving into the next gen of video gaming. With games PC games such as League of Legends, Smite, Dota 2, and many more. This means you

SADES KNIGHT 7.1 Pro Gaming Headset Review! (3)

         Greetings fellow readers, allow me to introduce you to one of the world's best gaming headsets I have had the pleasure to own! I'm really not

What’s next for former LCS Players on Team Coast and XDG? (1)

The North American League Championship Series Relegation matches have concluded and the results are in! 0 - 3 3 - 1 1 - 3 With 2 new LCS teams

XDG Twitter Party After Math. (0)

 Here are a few questions that we were able to ask from the XD.GG Twitter party, that some of you might have missed. Gaming Headset Giveaway  General Questions     Question: @xdg_gaming I notice you guy's

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