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SADES KNIGHT 7.1 Pro Gaming Headset Review! (2)

         Greetings fellow readers, allow me to introduce you to one of the world's best gaming headsets I have had the pleasure to own! I'm really not

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What’s next for former LCS Players on Team Coast and XDG? (0)

The North American League Championship Series Relegation matches have concluded and the results are in! 0 - 3 3 - 1 1 - 3 With 2 new LCS teams

XDG Twitter Party After Math. (0)

 Here are a few questions that we were able to ask from the XD.GG Twitter party, that some of you might have missed. Gaming Headset Giveaway  General Questions     Question: @xdg_gaming I notice you guy's

The Walking Dead Game Season 2 analyzation. (1)

  FINALLY the game is soon to come!   I suggest that you watch the video first before reading anything past this sentence.   Some let's look through the video first. 0:00-0:24 We get a complete recap

State of the league Christmas special! Vote who you want to be on there! (1)

pure omega 3

Sony providing ad-free Twitch TV live streams 10/15/13 only. (1)

That's right if you live in North America, get ready to watch livestreams ad-free all day on October, 15, 2013. This is Sony's way of saying hey thanks for being

The Final 2 have been determined. (0)

The final 2 teams have finally been determined after a long, gruesome, and heartbreaking battles between the top league of legends teams from all over the world.       The final 2 team

Team SoloMid – best team in the world? (1)

A lot of you are already thinking, "yeah of course they are" or WTF no they suck balls", who's to say it's not both? You see the popular game League

Sades SA-708 (3)

Hey readers Michael Cohen is back to give you the latest news on the headset products by SADES. In this article, we will be talking about the SA-708 made by

The Final 14 are now announced for the Season 3 World Championship! (6)

As I am writing this article, there is less than 168 hours until the battle of a lifetime. Teams from China, Korea, America, Europe, Lithuania, Taiwan, and the Philippines, the

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