Tian Ci vs H&K! ” LMQ situation in a few words.”

So basically this article will give you a clear picture of what’s going on at the moment with the LMQ situation if you can’t keep up with everything.


What we know


July 1st:  Sharon was given notice that should would be terminated.

July 25th: Sharon tweets post stating she doesn’t know that or why.



July 27th: Sharon made a post about the situation on her side.


July 29th: Riot Games stats that Tian ci is the prime owner of LMQ under “Luyu eSports LLC ” and has seen paper work confirming the paper work and such.



July 29th:  Xiang Gu ” LMQ’S current player manager makes a post saying that all the stuff riot said is true and what Sharon is saying, is false.



Gaming Gearz Opinion:

Both Xiang and Sharon love working with the players and also protect them. At the moment if we had to pick a side, it would be to believe Xiang Gu because Riot has confirm a lot of the statements.

How we feel about this is deeply sad because the LMQ player’s come to USA to live American Dream of playing video games for money. We feel Sharon is being used at the moment because she’s dating the owner of H&K who was the previous owner of LMQ. So, if H&K loses this battle Sharon will get dumped, we know this through resources of previous people who’ve done stuff like this in the past.


How to resolve most of this situation:’

There’s a term on the internet ” pics or not real” . There might be legal reason saying they can’t state things to the public, but why not take a picture of the documents just so we know there real. At this moment, Riot know’s whats real and whats not.

Just so pictures and that will clear everything.


North American LCS Playoff Situations!


Greetings summoners, this article will explain all the possible scenarios that can happen and the rewards. This is for NA LCS!






Current Rank: 1st Place

Highest Rank: 1st Place

Lowest Rank: 5th Place

To Achieve Highest Rank:

A. Win all 4 games.

B. Win 3 games and have Cloud9_Logo-onBlack_0 Lose 1 to prevent a tiebreaker.

To Achieve Lowest Rank:

Lose all 4 games.


Team Solomid

Current Rank: 2nd Place

Highest Rank: 1st Place

Lowest Rank: 5th Place

To Achieve Highest Rank:

A.  Win all 4 games and have LMQ_NA_1-9-14_1  lose 2 games.

To Achieve Lowest Rank: 

Lose all 4 games.


Cloud 9

Current Rank: 2nd Place

Highest Rank: 1st Place

Lowest Rank: 5th Place

To Achieve Highest Rank:

A.  Win all 4 games and have LMQ_NA_1-9-14_1  lose 2 games.

B.  Win all 4 games and have LMQ_NA_1-9-14_1  lose 1 game for tiebreaker.

To Achieve Lowest Rank:

Lose all 4 games.


Counter Logic Gaming

Current Rank: 4th Place

Highest Rank: 1st Place

Lowest Rank: 6th Place

To Achieve Highest Rank:

A.  Win all 4 games and have LMQ_NA_1-9-14_1  lose all 4.

1A. Must also have logo12 and 20121015104433!TSM_LogoLose 3 games.

To Achieve Lowest Rank: 

A. Lose all 4 games

B. Lose all 4 games and  logo15  win 3 out of their 4 games.



Current Rank: 5th Place

Highest Rank: 1st Place

Lowest Rank: 7th Place

To Achieve Highest Rank:

A. Win all 4 games and have  LMQ_NA_1-9-14_1 lose all 4.

1A. have   logo12and 20121015104433!TSM_Logo lose 3 games and must beat them.

To achieve lowest rank:

A. Lose all 4 games and logo16 win all 4.


Current Rank: 6th Place

Highest Rank: 4th Place

Lowest Rank: 8th Place

To Achieve Highest Rank:

A. Must win all 4 games.

1A. Have clgg Lose at least 3 games.

2A. Have dig_logo_1 lose 3 games or 2 games and MUST BEAT THEM.

To Achieve Lowest Rank:

A. Lose all 4 games.

1A. Have logo17 win all 4 games.


Current Rank: 7th Place

Highest Rank: 5th Place

Lowest Rank: 8th Place

To Achieve Highest Rank:

A. Must win all 4 games.

1A. Have  dig_logo_1 lose all 4 games and  logo15 lose at least 3 games.

To Achieve Lowest Rank

A. Lose all 4 games.

1A. have  logo17 beat them! 


Current Rank: 8th Place

Highest Rank: 6th Place

Lowest Rank: 8th Place

To Achieve Highest Rank:

A. Win all 4 games.

1A. Must have  logo15 lose at least 3 games.

2A. Must have  logo16 lose at 3 games or 2 but   logo17 must win.

To Achieve Lowest Rank

A. Lose all 4 games.

1A.   logo15 wins at least 2 games.

2A.   Lose to logo16 

UtechSmart Venus MMO Gaming Mouse.


MOBA games have been evolving into the next gen of video gaming. With games PC games such as League of Legends, Smite, Dota 2, and many more. This means you need to have the proper gear to really make your gaming time a wonderful experience. I have the chance to give you my readers a detailed review on the glorious 16400 DPI MMO Gaming Mouse ” Venus by UtechSmart” !


This review will completely tell what to look forward to and what to expect when receiving you Venus MMO Gaming Mouse!


Well something I noticed with this box right away is that, it’s smaller than I expected. It’s a pretty solid color all around, but it gives you the necessary information that you seek. It tells you about the DPI levels, the programmable buttons, the weights and different color modes. Of course on the back of it, you have your specifications of the mouse. Overall it’s a very clean box, that gets straight to the point.


When opening the box you want to make sure to open from the top, not from the bottom. The reason is because it got stuck and I couldn’t pull it out, so remember, open at top. When you pull out the mouse you will find a little package inside the box which contains, a installer CD, something about a program, stickers, and a guide book on how to install you gaming mouse properly to prevent any hardware damage. Now to the mouse, it’s packaged well, well secured, and the fiber cord is all tied up so no damage to the cable line.



Now this mouse is a pretty good size. Offers great grip support, has a nice glossy look and feel to it. When I plugged this mouse into my computer it instantly started breathing as the UtechSmart logo started to glow and breath, like it was just reborn, it looked pretty damn cool. Also the wheel and buttons on the side were glowing too. 2 VERY IMPORTANT things I need to mention about this gaming mouse, is the DPI levels and the power button. So there are 2 buttons near the wheel that indicate up and down, these 2 buttons correspond to the DPI level you set for this gaming mouse. There 5 levels by default, 16400, 12000, 9200, 3500, 1600. You can change these in the settings after you download the drivers from the disc you get with your box. The 2nd thing is the power button located on the top left of the gaming mouse. This button controls the lighting, but more importantly. the actually power of the mouse. If you want to conserve energy onto your mouse, pressing the button will turn it off, so let’s say watching a video or movie, if you don’t want your cursor to disturb you, you just hit the switch and it’s gone. To bring it back you just hit the button and go.



This is mouse has a total of 12 buttons on the side of the mouse that light up as you plug the mouse in the computer. If there is one thing about moba and MMO games, is that there are a lot of opportunities  to enable key bindings to make certain commands easier to use to speed game play action by double your normal speed.



A few notes to let you know about the CD. When you gain access to the settings page of the driver, you will see a lot of actions. Some key ones to mention are the changing of color light from many colors, which I personally like. Also you can customize the DPI settings with the 5 levels if you ever have to change your mouse speed dramatically or slowly for whatever reason.

Overall the Venus Laser Precision MMO Gaming Mouse with 16400 DPI by Venus is one outstanding mouse to use. I used to be Silver 2 in League of Legends. After 1 week of using this mouse, I’m currently in Gold 4. This mouse has made it so much easier to maneuver my game play screen, but also be easier to cast spells at a much needed fast pace. So I do encourage you to go get one, if you play League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, or etc., you won’t be disappointed.


[button link="http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FNKMVUO" icon="9733" target="" color="orange" size="big"]Amazon [/button]

[button link="http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA2691JA6282" icon="9733" target="" color="blue" size="big"]NEWEGG[/button]

[button link="http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00FNKMVUO" icon="59172" target="" color="green" size="big"]AMAZON UK[/button]

[video url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sISUmPin3kI&feature=youtu.be"]

SADES KNIGHT 7.1 Pro Gaming Headset Review!


         Greetings fellow readers, allow me to introduce you to one of the world’s best gaming headsets I have had the pleasure to own! I’m really not kidding about this particular headset being one of the world’s best headsets out on the market right now. You want a hot design, you got it, want cool led lights, you got it, want a noise cancelling microphone which doesn’t pick up any noise in the background, you definitely got it with this headset, and finally you want unbelievable sound quality, so good that it makes professional music headphones sound so weak, then please, stop right now, and go buy yourself a pair of SADES KNIGHT Gaming Headset from SADES official US distributor Blue Dot Management on their website. This entire review will go in depth about every single feature SADES offered to me from head to toe about this amazing gaming headset.**** IF you are interested in purchasing please read till the end for important information about copy cat products****

шины kumho


      The very first thing I noticed that I think many will is…. WOW, this box is pretty big for a gaming headset! SADES fires at us a beautiful well designed box of the colors black and blue. On the front of the box you will notice the gaming headset itself as well as the brand name SADES, but more importantly, you will notice the official WCG Stamp which stands for World Cyber Games as the Knight was the official gaming headset for WCG!


        On the back side of the box it describes the specific details of the box such as its noise cancellation microphone, the 50mm neodymium sound drivers, the blue led lights, the 3 meter USB cord length, and the soft leather ear cups. As we move to the sides of the box the first thing that catches your eye is the fearsome look of a wolf to represent the SADES brand. You also catch a glimpse of the unique shield control center for all of your controls for volume and to activate the led lights. Lastly, there’s a preview flap window, where you open the flap and see the beautiful gaming headset.


      Now we have opened the box and these are the components that you will receive in the box. Obviously you receive the gaming headset itself, next you get the instruction manual containing valuable information about installing the CD into your system to bring up the sound mixer for your headset. Then you get the CD, you will notice on the CD that it has a picture of the gaming headset on it. Lastly you get some cool stickers that you can put anywhere you please.


Time to get to the nit picky stuff about this gaming headset. First, the size of the ear cups are good because it covers your entire ear, not push on them. Sadly this could be a down fall for someone who has really small ears, but they wouldn’t be uncomfortable because of the nice leather cushioning SADES added to this headset. The headset has durable steel that has 5 different levels of adjustments to fit properly on your head for comfort on top of the really comfy headband piece.


temp2.0x0 (1)add7

    The microphone is a pretty important feature to what makes this gaming headset amazing. The microphone is long enough to directly place it near your mouth for that quick communication, or the times you need to be quiet cause your awesomeness is disturbing the neighbors in your apartment. One quick thing I can mention about this gaming headset’s microphone is that it feels like it was built with some rubber substance, but the closest reference I can give you is that it reminds me of the feeling of an eraser.


In my opinion, the selling feature of this gaming headset is definitely the audio. I can confidently say the audio levels within this headset could easily top almost any top quality professional studio headphones for music. The bass is insanely incredible for music lovers and especially video gamers. Were talking about 7.1 surround sound, which is very similar to the speakers at a movie theater. Being able to hear a misstep or gunfire from across the map, to epic explosions from grenades and tanks. If you are a big fan of electronic music, you will really love this headset cause all you can do is rock your head to the beat.


Lets talk about a unique tool in this headset, which is the volume control center. Now it’s the core of controls for this gaming headset as it features buttons to mute your microphone or sound, and lower or increase your volume levels. It also has a button in the middle to activate your LED lights. The cable length of this headset is kinda ridiculous because it’s about 3 meters long which is far. At first I was a bit worried that my cord might cut in half, but it’s wrapped in a protective black and blue lanyard style cord to give that extra support from rips and cuts. Also when you get the headset you will notice that the USB plug is gold plated and comes with a little tiny cap to cap it if you every want to.

add23 add24 add25 722272630_045


The part I know many will like and is possibly the cherry on top on the sundae, the blue [textmarker color="0008EB"]LED LIGHTS![/textmarker] As you can see from the pictures above the entire headset is covered in blue LED lights. These lights will make you stand out completely in a big crowd. Just imagine going to a LAN party like dreamhack or insomina51, and having this gaming headset on, people will admire you and the headset. Another cool feature about the LED lights is that on the control pad there are 2 different light show options, which either make the headset stay bright and blue, or blue and flashy. This upgrade to this gaming headset is what I call the deal sealer and the last feature of this amazing gaming headset.

If interested in pre ordering this headset you should contact Blue Dot for updates and suggested retail price to the US market.

Blue Dot Management, Inc.
Add: 2000 NE 15TH Court Miami FL 33179  U.S.A.
Attn: Ronen Michael
Tel.:   (305) 244-2390
E-mail: ronen@bdmdistribution.com

Website: www.sades.us


I had a wonderful time reviewing the SADES KNIGHT 7.1 Pro Gaming Headset! If you would like to see a video review on this same headset please watch the video below on the Gaming Gearz TV YouTube account!


There is a Chinese version of this gaming headset that contains cheaper parts and fake that isn’t good. It’s called the SA-907 if you want to see for yourself. It looks the same but it’s not!


[video url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYuoqU2OPNQ"]

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What’s next for former LCS Players on Team Coast and XDG?

The North American League Championship Series Relegation matches have concluded and the results are in!

xdgg 0 – 3 LMQ_NA_1-9-14_1

eglogo 3 – 1Cloud9_Logo_White

TeamCoast-(FullColor)1 – 3 coLBlack

With 2 new LCS teams the competition is sure to increase with LMQ’s agressive play style and complexity’s passion to win it all.

So what does this mean for our former NA LCS Pros? Well Gaming Gearz got to catch up with some of these players and try to figure out what their next move is going to be.


The Organization has a high chance of departing after Team Coast’s defeat.


Josh “NintendudeX” Atkins

Has plan to remake his old team Team No Clue, due to receiving a set amount of re tweets from twitter. He can now officially leave Team Coast.

[social link="https://twitter.com/NintendudeX/status/383365798913273856" icon="62218"]

DAYDREAMIN.CST_lolesports.PP_ WIZFUJIIN.CST_lolesports.PP_

Miles “Daydreamin” Hoard & Apollo “WizFujiiN” Price

Have suggested that their careers might be coming to an end. If they can’t rebuild Team Coast, they will both probably return back to their school careers.


Darshan “ZionSpartan” Upadhyaya

This is definitely not the end of ZionSpartan era. With Team Coast’s defeat, Zion is now opened to possible position openings from other teams. The biggest talk is about CLG’S top laner situation. Is Zion the answer to Counter Logic Gaming’s problem? Or possibly Evil Genius’s Problem!

clgg = ZIONSPARTAN.CST_lolesports.PP_

eglogo== ZIONSPARTAN.CST_lolesports.PP_



Danny “Shiphtur” Le

Shiphtur is probably the former LCS Pro with a lot on his plate. After being named onto the 2nd all american team for North America it has increased his popularity, and possibly is future as a pro player. Counter Logic Gaming has mentioned that if they can find a suitable mid player that can fill link’s hype, they will consider moving Link to top lane and picking up a mid player. Is Shiphtur that hype player to take CLG to worlds? Or Dignitas’s chance to go to worlds!

clgg===== SHIPHTUR.CST_lolesports.PP_

dig_logo_1 ======SHIPHTUR.CST_lolesports.PP_


The team will talk weather or not to continue as one, chances are they will go there different ways.


Jamie “Sheep” Gallagher

Sheep’s time as a Pro Player has come to a halt after XDG’S gruesome lost to LMQ. Chances of XD.GG staying together is not high, however if they do Sheep will continue to support along side Zuna or a new marksmen. Chances of Sheep getting picked up as a substitute support player for an LCS team is pretty high due to his skill level in the LP Ladders.


Chris “Zuna” Buechter & Ken”Kenma” Buechter

The Buechter family will most likely depart from the XD.GG organization as the coach Kenma has failed to teach the former NA Pro players how to adapt to season 4 and resulted them being kicked out of the LCS. Zuna and Kenma will probably continue their internet fame with their YouTube series “FAT2FIT”.

[video url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1sskPgbWNg&feature=youtu.be&a"]


Jake “Xmithie” Puchero

Xmithie known for his outstanding performance in season 3 was referred to as the jungle master alongside Meteos from Cloud 9. Going into season 4 Xmithie was forced into the marksmen position which damaged his jungle mechanics greatly which he couldn’t recover so well going into the 2nd half of the spring split. Chances of Xmithie being picked up as a starting jungler are not so high, however, chance he could be picked up as a sub for Dignitas or CLG.


Benny “Benny” Hung

Benny is probably the friendliest person I ever met. He hasn’t got offers to join any teams, chances that he will continue his gaming career are high. He has mention that he will like to get a job involving e-sports.


Zachary “mancloud” Hoschar

Mancloud’s future might not look so good to the public, but after being kicked out of the LCS actually brings new hope to him. Could we possible see Mancloud returning to the LCS Summer Split? Dignitas might answer that question!

dig_logo_1 —— MANCLOUD.XDG_lolesports.PP__0

This includes our predictions of what might happen to all these former pro players.

XDG Twitter Party After Math.

  1.  Here are a few questions that we were able to ask from the XD.GG Twitter party, that some of you might have missed.

    [button link="http://gaminggearz.com/win-a-gaming-headset/" icon="9733" target="" color="red" size="big"]Gaming Headset Giveaway[/button]

     [textmarker color="B26778"]General Questions[/textmarker]




    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]

    @xdg_gaming I notice you guy’s have a store, have you really done anything to advertise the shop? #chatxdg

    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz @xdg_gaming we’ve put it on our facebook and twitter, but we should definitely promote that stuff more. WILL BE DONE!
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @xdg_gaming Questions for the management of XDGG. I see your sponsor is Tech Bargins, what exactly do they give you? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz @xdg_gaming TechBargains has been a financial supporter & a partner for giveaways, etc. They are also a great service! #ChatXDG
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @xdg_gaming How many of the players have girlfriends, and does it interfere with practice ever? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz @xdg_gaming Everyone has a girlfriend except @XDG_Zuna and talks to their girlfriends in their free time.
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @xdg_gaming What does the team’s practice schedule look like on a weekly basis? Which team do you scrim? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz @xdg_gaming Our practice schedule is from 10AM until 10PM with two one hour breaks in between. We scrim Challenger & LCS teams.
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @mualexander most stressful part of owning xdg? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz  managing personal / work / team time, our early season record, getting sponsors, building a long lasting organization #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Mandatory Cloud[/textmarker]
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @mandatorycloud What do you feel about the state of mid Zilean? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz honestly if they lower the mana cost, he would be so op. #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @mandatorycloud Have you ever been offered to join different teams after season 3 was over? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz I was offered in 3 teams, but I declined to stay with my bros #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @mandatorycloud Do you feel NA has a chance now to have 2 teams in the season 4 quarter finals? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz at the rate things are going, definitely #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="C24000"]Xmithie[/textmarker]
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @XDG_Xmithie Do you feel that ADC is best position for you at the moment? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz For now, yes. Me and bloodwater have been practicing and improving quickly. #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @XDG_Xmithie Do you synergise well with bloodwater? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz We take showers and paint our nails together so definitely. #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Questions:[/textmarker]
    @XDG_Xmithie What kind of gaming gear do you own? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz I’m not that picky on using gear, but for now I use a Corsair keyboard and razer deathhadder/blackwidow. #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="8B52FF"]Blood Water[/textmarker]
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @XDG_BloodWater Someone told me blood water gets all da ladies, is that true? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz No comment… #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @XDG_BloodWater How in the world do you pronounce your first name, and does anyone ever call you that? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answers:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz @XDG_BloodWater Loo- bo- meer
    @gaming_gearz @XDG_BloodWater I don’t even call him by his whole first name…too much effort >.> (His girlfriend said this)
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @XDG_BloodWater Do you feel it is possible to climb to challenger only playing supports and how? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz Getting Challenger is possible playing any role. You just have to be good at that role and carry your team. #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="993399"]Benny[/textmarker]
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @XDG_Benny Do you wear an XD.GG Belt buckle? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer: [/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz We have a belt buckle 0_0 #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @XDG_Benny Do you feel that Gangplank can be viable with straight critical runes? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz Nooo haha. That’s relying solely on RNG. If you don’t crit, you won’t deal much dmg at all. #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @XDG_Benny Benny you seem like a really likable human being, do you think so? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz @XDG_Benny I hate Benny.#chatxdg(Love BloodWater)
    [textmarker color="336699"]Zuna[/textmarker]
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @XDG_Zuna Do you ever feel the results your team is getting is based off you? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz Just me solely no, but there is definitely games where people can carry single handily #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @XDG_Zuna What’s the craziest thing that has happened in the gaming house? #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz @XDG_Zuna xmithie didn’t clean his ricecooker for like 2 months and it looked like moss and seaweed in a jungle rofl #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="002EB2"]Question:[/textmarker]
    @XDG_Zuna What kind of drama does having a gaming team usually occur. #chatxdg
    [textmarker color="FF0000"]Answer:[/textmarker]
    @gaming_gearz On our team there’s not to much its mostly if we win were all hapy if we lose we get sad for a day #chatxdg
    I would like to thank XDG for hosting this Twitter party and good luck to them for the rest of LCS.

The Walking Dead Game Season 2 analyzation.

[video url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilEB4KTTOIo"]


FINALLY the game is soon to come!


I suggest that you watch the video first before reading anything past this sentence.


Some let’s look through the video first.


We get a complete recap of areas you have visited in Season 1, but why are they showing these places again? Does this mean we are going back to those 4 specific places in season 2?


We see a complete transformation from season 1 clementine to season 2 clementine. Notice the new outfit, wonder where she got it. It funny because it’s kinda the same fashion style but just different colors.


You might be thinking it’s just the credits, but check this out, it says it’s going to be compatible with PS3, XBOX360, MAC and PC, and IOS devices. However, doesn’t mention anything about PS4 or XBOX One. Could the Walking Dead season 2 be only available to those devices that were listed?


Now let’s take a look at some photos and analyze them.

clem part 2clem part 1


Your going to have to click on the photos in order to see them better.

But you can see the complete difference between them, how she turned from a sweet little girl, into a survivor of a zombie invested world. She also kind of looks like a boy, but i’m just saying.


So in this setting, it looks like she’s in the woods. Not sure if she’s by her self, from my point of view it looks like it, but she’s turning somewhere because she heard something. So it could be a walker, a bandit, or a new character to join the Walking Dead series.

clem part 3

Okay so you know how I mention she might of heard something while in the woods, maybe it was this guy. But let’s take some other things into consideration. First off, WHO THE FUCK IS THAT GUY? Second, they seem to be in a house cause of the curtain covers I highlighted in the background. Third, I never really understood what the D on Clementine’s hat stood for, does she want the D( i’m kidding, i’m not a sick perverted bastard)? Lastly, notice how the candles are not the same sizes, but magically lowered then the next one.

clem part 4


So I feel the biggest thing to mention in this particular photo is that Clementine is holding a photo. In the photo contains Clementine and Lee Everett from Season 1. Just from looking from this picture, the actual scene is probably very sad. Lee was a great character, even though he is not real, I feel Lee would get my vote for Dad of the year, even though he doesn’t have any kids.

clem part 5


So in this picture I have highlighted some parts in the background. Wood is one of the things I highlighted so this scene seems to take place in a shed, wondering why Clementine is in a shed? But, the biggest thing is that she is caught by the foot by a walker and looks to be calling for help for someone who’s in there but who?



This is Winston. He is going to be a new character in Season 2, however, when do we get to meet Winston.


Some Q&A’s

Q. When will episode one of Season Two be available to download?

A. Episode one will be available to download before Christmas, with subsequent episodes becoming available 4 – 6 weeks apart.


Q. Do I need to have played Season One of The Walking Dead to enjoy Season Two?

A. No, but we strongly recommend that you do. Season Two picks up where Season One ended, so the most rewarding experience will be had by playing Season One first. Remember that the decisions you made in Season One will affect your story in Season Two. Keep your save files!


Q. Do I need to have played ‘400 Days’ to play Season Two?

A. Although 400 Days is not a direct part of the story thread joining Seasons One and Two, your actions in 400 Days will affect some elements of Season Two. If you haven’t played 400 Days, the elements that would have been affected will be seamlessly pre-determined by the game.


Q. Will Season Two play in the same way as Season One?

A. For the most part, yes. However, there will be some changes based on player feedback to Season One and advances in game design. If you’ve played Season One, the experience will be familiar.


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